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Erasmus takes place in the far future, after humanity has left its home planet. You play as Desiderius, captain of the Ahisma. Captain Desiderius built this ship to be a research vessel, and is on the run from the military after escaping in the Ahisma, after their request to take it to re purpose into a vessel of war. From there his fate is in your hands. Explore two solar systems, interact with random encounters and multiple planets. Land and sell your loot in ports on planets, and complete work on the Ahisma in ports and docks around the galaxy. But beware of military forces hunting you. From time to time they will appear and chase you. The only way to escape them is to hide on planets, and should they destroy the Ahisma.. your story is over.

Erasmus was made at a two day game jam at Utah Valley University for the Utah Indie Game Jam 2017

Install instructions

To run the game, unzip the Erasmus.zip folder and place both files next to each other. You may then run the executable.

Basic Instructions:

Mouse to move and rotate, middle wheel to zoom in and out. You will have to select an object when the game starts to activate the camera.


Erasmus.zip 91 MB

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